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We’re a nation of animal lovers; in fact around 44% of households in the UK have a pet. Our furry friends give us hours of fun, are great companions and have become a true extension of our families, so it's little wonder that Pet Insurance has one of the highest claim rates when compared to any other type of insurance policy.

We want the best for our animals but caring for them can be costly.

Vets bills for routine checkups and vaccinations aren’t cheap at the best of times but the cost of unexpected treatment or an operation without pet insurance to rely on can be really scary. You could be looking at thousands of pounds!

Pet insurance is designed to help cover medical costs if your pet becomes ill or has an accident.

It can also help towards advertising expenses if they get lost or stolen, cover the cost of your holiday if it is cancelled because they need emergency surgery and provide third party liability cover in case they injure someone or damage their property.

Quite simply pet insurance helps you make sure your pet stays fit and healthy. They get the best treatment when it is needed and you don’t have to worry about it costing a fortune.

To compare pet insurance quotes and see what cover is available, just click on the ‘get a quote’ button, answer a few questions and we’ll do the rest. It’s as easy as that!

What is Pet Insurance

Pet insurance is designed to help cover the cost of vet’s bills if your pet becomes ill or injured.

There are other ‘pet related’ features you may be able to claim for but this will depend on the insurer as policies do vary so it is worth taking time to compare pet insurance quotes.
Cover could include:

  • Vet fees if your pet is injured or sick
  • The amount you paid for your pet reimbursed if they die (usually up to a certain age)
  • Advertising costs if your pet is lost or stolen
  • Third party liability cover if your pet (dog only) injures someone or damages their property
  • Pet boarding fees if you need to go into hospital
  • Overseas travel cover should your pet be ill or injured whilst abroad

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